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Papri Chaat

papri chaat

Papri chaat (papdi chaat) is a popular North Indian Street Food recipe that is crunchy, tangy, hot and a crow favourite. It’s perfect during summer and also winter. It uses a tamarind chutney, mint coriander chutney and a yoghurt sauce to make this an addictive snack. You may buy the chutneys from an Indian grocery store if you want to make this even quicker! I LOVE street food! Hot, crunchy…

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Peru Ceviche

Today, I have for you a South American delicacy that originates in Peru – Ceviche! Fish is marinated in citrus and served with a few other ingredients that takes very little time to prepare. Don’t be put off by thinking the fish is raw, you won’t believe how well the fish ‘cooks’ in citrus juices in such little time! This recipe is adaptable to any semi-firm white fish and will…

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