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How to Make Fatayer – Arabian Spinach and Cheese Triangles


For Iftar, try these Arabian spinach and cheese triangles known as Fatayer. I show you how to make a SOFT fatayer dough, roll them in three different ways and stuff them with just feta cheese, and spinach and feta cheese. These are great vegetarian appetisers but can also be made with minced meat. This is an easy recipe that is sure to become a family favourite Iftar recipe (or otherwise)! Kids…

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Arabian Gulf-Style Kabsa

Arabian Gulf Kabsa Recipe

I am starting my food journey with a dish I grew up with in Saudi Arabia – Kabsa! Chicken simmered in tomato and spices, and rice cooked in the chicken stock leaves you with a rich dish so sublime you won’t believe how you’ve been living without this dish all these years! It’s usually served with a quick tomato sauce and salad. Give it a try and it will quickly…

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