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Kulfi (Indian Cream Popsicle)

kulfi indian cream popsicle

If you are looking for an easy dessert recipe, look no further than my easy Kulfi recipe. Kulfi is an Indian ice cream  traditionally made by boiling and reducing milk (malai). My version is an easy evaporated milk recipe, with condensed milk and pistachios and is ready to freeze in five minutes! It tastes just like the restaurant and store bought Kulfi! Read on to find out how to make…

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Galouti Kebab with Mint Cucumber Dip

Galouti Kebab Mint Yoghurt Dip

Today, I have for you another summer grilling recipe that you may not have tried before – Indian Grilled Galouti Kebab accompanied by a cooling cucumber and mint yoghurt dip. A lamb kebab that flavours lamb mince with spices and herbs, and grilled just right to keep it moist. Served with a refreshing dip that will become a BBQ staple and great with any grilled meat (or veggies). Watch how to make…

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Indian Chinese Style Lollipop Chicken

indian chinese lollipop chicken frenched drumstick

Treat your children to a fried chicken drumstick recipe that looks fun to eat and tastes delicious too. Lollipop Chicken is a popular appetiser in Indian Chinese restaurants. The batter guarantees crispy Lollipop Chicken with a crunch on every bite! Lollipop Chicken is seasoned with spices, and is great as an after school or weekend snack, or even lunch. Learn how to french drumsticks. It’s a great summer recipe, and…

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Shahi Tukda – Indian Bread Pudding

shahi tukda evaporated milk

Make this favourite Indian dessert, Shahi Tukda (Shahi Tukra), an Indian bread pudding, at your next dinner party or for Eid. My recipe is a quick Shahi Tukda recipe using evaporated milk and condensed milk to have this dessert ready in no time! I also pan fry the bread instead of deep frying but it still tastes AMAZING!  Watch how to make Shahi Tukda video at the end of post…

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