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Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Nihari (One Pot Beef Stew)

Nihari with the best Nihari Masala

This Eid ul Fitr, make a hearty and easy one pot beef (or mutton) stew to wow your Eid guests! Nihari usually takes half a day to make but with my quick and easy pressure cooker Nihari recipe, you will have it ready in less than TWO hours! My nihari masala is versatile and a keeper. A sublime mix of spices with fall off the bone meat pieces in a…

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Falooda – Rose Milkshake Dessert Drink


Today I have for you a drink that is perfect for summer days. Falooda is a syrup made of fruits, herbs and flowers popular in India and its neighbouring countries, filled with rose syrup and milk, basil seeds (many know them as falooda seeds), vermicelli sev noodles, vanilla ice cream and strawberry jello. This is a great drink to have during summer or for Ramadan Iftar. If you’ve always wondered…

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Zoolbia (Zolobiyah) Bamieh – Persian dumplings in Syrup


Today, I have for you dumplings dunked in sugar syrup! Never had one before? You’re in for a treat! This is the Persian version, known as Zoolbia or Zolobiyah, but this churro type version is called Zoolbia (Zolobiyah) Bamieh. In the Middle East, this is known as Balah el Sham and Tulumba in Turkey. The pastry is easy to make and you can make them into any shape you like. You’ll…

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Ilish Pulao (Hilsha Fish Pilaf)


Today I have for you another pilaf dish, this time hailing from Bangladesh, Ilish Maacher Pulao (Hilsha Fish Pilaf). This is my mother’s Ilish Pulao recipe and it is my favourite way to eat Hilsha fish. Read on to see how to make Ilish Pulao, Bengali Style Hilsa Fish Pilaf.  For recipe steps, please watch video at the end of post. There is an adage in Bengali “Maachhe bhaate Bangali”…

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