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No Churn Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

no churn chunky monkey ice cream

Beat the heat with this no churn Chunky Monkey ice cream made with cheap pantry ingredients. All you need is whipping cream, condensed milk, frozen banana, chopped chocolate and walnuts to make this Ben & Jerry’s favourite at home! Only 5 minutes to make and even quicker to devour. Try it today! Watch how to make No Churn Chunky Monkey Ice Cream at the end of post Ben & Jerry’s…

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Kulfi (Indian Cream Popsicle)

kulfi indian cream popsicle

Try making this unique cream popsicle that will leave your taste buds wanting more! Kulfi is an Indian staple during summer and you can’t stop at one! Traditionally made by boiling and reducing milk (malai), this is an easy version of Kulfi using condensed milk, evaporated milk, cardamom and pistachios to make a rich, creamy, indulgent popsicle. I made this Kulfi during winter and they were gone in no time,…

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Brazilian Churrascaria Style Grilled Pineapple

brazilian cinnamon grilled pineapple

No need to go to a Brazilian churrascaria to indulge on cinnamon grilled pineapples! Make this easy grilling recipe at home in summer or any time of the year when you want a quick dessert. A great side for meats, even better topped with some ice cream. Grill these churrascaria style pineapple today! The first time I heard of grilling pineapple was on Oprah. I vaguely remember a retired sports…

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No-Bake Maltesers Chocolate Ganache Drip Cheesecake

maltesers no bake chocolate ganache drip cheesecake

Too hot to bake and craving cheesecake? Make this indulgent no-bake Maltesers cheesecake that kids and adults alike will LOVE. This is a crowd favourite and is very easy to make with delicious malt flavour. Make this cheesecake today while staying cool in the kitchen! Watch how to make No-Bake Maltesers Cheesecake and Chocolate Ganache Drip at the end of post I was walking down the chocolate aisle, looking for…

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