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Zoolbia (Zolobiyah) Bamieh – Persian dumplings in Syrup


Today, I have for you dumplings dunked in sugar syrup! Never had one before? You’re in for a treat! This is the Persian version, known as Zoolbia or Zolobiyah, but this churro type version is called Zoolbia (Zolobiyah) Bamieh. In the Middle East, this is known as Balah el Sham and Tulumba in Turkey. The pastry is easy to make and you can make them into any shape you like. You’ll…

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Umm Ali – Egyptian Bread Pudding


The first in our series of Ramadan Iftar recipes is Umm Ali / Om Ali, an Egyptian bread pudding recipe that is quick to make and even quicker by using flaky croissants. Make this quick, satisfying dessert for Iftar to enjoy as a family to finish off your Iftar feast! Read on to see how to make Umm Ali with croissants. For recipe steps, please watch video at the end…

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Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce


Today, I have for you a gooey, toe-warming, decadent dessert – Sticky date pudding! It’s a popular Australian dessert that is similar to English Sticky toffee pudding, and is best served warm with oodles of silky butterscotch sauce. It’s perfect for the fast approaching Aussie winter!  I’ve been thinking, if I were given a wish to eat one thing for the rest of my life without gaining weight or losing…

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Tiramisu without Alcohol


Today, I have for you an alcohol free Tiramisu (without alcohol) that is easy, delicious and a crowd pleaser. This will become your go to recipe for sure! I use zabaglione, mascarpone and ricotta to make this go-to Tiramisu that is always a hit!  I’ve previously mentioned that I love eggs. And I praised the French for their prodigious egg creations. Today, Italy’s creativity with eggs is in the spotlight.…

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