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Today, we’re taking a trip to Greece with the classic and easy Greek spinach and cheese pie, Spanakopita! It is healthy, flavoursome, vegetarian and easy to make! It’s easy to whip up for weeknight dinner as well. You can make restaurant quality Spanakopita at home with this recipe that any Yaya (Grandma) would be proud of!  Savoury pies, I love them so much. Meat, veggie or cheese (or all of…

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Berry Clafoutis


  If you want to make an easy French dessert, look no further than Clafoutis. It’s traditionally made with cherries, but you can use any berries in season, as I have done. My individual Berry Clafoutis is an unbelievably easy dessert recipe that will leave your guests in awe!  Eggs are one of my favourite foods. I can have them for breakfast, lunch, as a snack, in dessert – hell,…

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