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Brazilian Churrascaria Style Grilled Pineapple

brazilian cinnamon grilled pineapple

No need to go to a Brazilian churrascaria to indulge on cinnamon grilled pineapples! Make this easy grilling recipe at home in summer or any time of the year when you want a quick dessert. A great side for meats, even better topped with some ice cream. Grill these churrascaria style pineapple today! The first time I heard of grilling pineapple was on Oprah. I vaguely remember a retired sports…

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Brazilian Lemonade (Limeade)

brazilian lemonade

Beat the summer heat with this refreshing sweet and tart drink hailing from Brazil, Brazilian lemonade! This lemonade is actually made from limes but is referred to as lemonade. Don’t dwell on the terminology, sit back, relax and sip on the lime and condensed milk induced drips of heaven in a glass.  Watch how to make the best summer drink, Brazilian Lemonade, at the end of post I picked up…

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Salade Betteraves – Haitian Potato Beet Salad

potato beet salad haitian

Foodie friends! I have a special post today from the uber talented Chef Mireille @ The Schizo Chef. She also explores cuisines from around the world and has so many delicious and diverse recipes on her blog. She has written a post for us demonstrating how to make a delicious quintessential Haitian salad – Salade Betteraves. It is refreshing, filling, tangy and most importantly, mouth watering! So without further ado,…

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Peru Ceviche

Today, I have for you a South American delicacy that originates in Peru – Ceviche! Fish is marinated in citrus and served with a few other ingredients that takes very little time to prepare. Don’t be put off by thinking the fish is raw, you won’t believe how well the fish ‘cooks’ in citrus juices in such little time! This recipe is adaptable to any semi-firm white fish and will…

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