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Kuzu Tandir – Slow Cooked Turkish Lamb


Today, I have for you a very special slow cooked lamb recipe, Kuzu Tandir. This is a popular Turkish lamb recipe that is tender, juicy and has amazing flavours! You’ll imagine yourself sitting by the Bosphorus river while eating this with some Turkish Pilaf.  I love slow-cooked meat. Be it pulled beef, braised meats, slow cooked lamb shoulder or anything else that I haven’t tried yet but want to! There…

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Today, we’re taking a trip to Greece with the classic and easy Greek spinach and cheese pie, Spanakopita! It is healthy, flavoursome, vegetarian and easy to make! It’s easy to whip up for weeknight dinner as well. You can make restaurant quality Spanakopita at home with this recipe that any Yaya (Grandma) would be proud of!  Savoury pies, I love them so much. Meat, veggie or cheese (or all of…

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Basteeya (Pastilla)


Today I have for you the ultimate comfort food, a savoury Moroccan chicken pie, Basteeya (Pastilla). It is a mixture of chicken, almonds, sugar and eggs and will leave the entire family wanting more!  How many times have you watched the movie Casablanca? I must admit that I’ve never been able to finish it. I don’t know why. Perhaps I’m not cultured enough for this love story. Even Humphrey Bogart’s…

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Tiramisu without Alcohol


Today, I have for you an alcohol free Tiramisu (without alcohol) that is easy, delicious and a crowd pleaser. This will become your go to recipe for sure! I use zabaglione, mascarpone and ricotta to make this go-to Tiramisu that is always a hit!  I’ve previously mentioned that I love eggs. And I praised the French for their prodigious egg creations. Today, Italy’s creativity with eggs is in the spotlight.…

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