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Bubur Lambuk – Malaysian Porridge


Today, we are heading to Malaysia for a signature Ramadan Iftar (Berpuasa) recipe – Bubur Lambuk. It is a delicious rice porridge enhanced by lemongrass and whole spices, and will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied after a day of fasting. Read on to see how to cook Bubur Lambuk. For recipe steps, please watch the video linked at the end of post. As mentioned in my last post, I…

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Ilish Pulao (Hilsha Fish Pilaf)


Today I have for you another pilaf dish, this time hailing from Bangladesh, Ilish Maacher Pulao (Hilsha Fish Pilaf). This is my mother’s Ilish Pulao recipe and it is my favourite way to eat Hilsha fish. Read on to see how to make Ilish Pulao, Bengali Style Hilsa Fish Pilaf.  For recipe steps, please watch video at the end of post. There is an adage in Bengali “Maachhe bhaate Bangali”…

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Turkish Rice Pilaf with Vermicelli


To accompany the delicious Turkish slow cooked lamb (Kuzu Tandir) from earlier this week, I have for you today a delicious Turkish Rice Pilaf recipe! It’s easy to make and can be enjoyed with any curry, stir fry or kebab that you may fancy. Vermicelli adds a varied texture and makes it even more delicious! Rice pilaf, a white rice dish accented with broth and has a fluffy texture. Grains…

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Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)


Nasi Goreng is a fried rice recipe popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. Its flavours are distinguished by using sambal and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). If you want a quick but unique fried rice recipe, this one is for you!  After completing high school in Saudi Arabia, I moved to Malaysia to pursue my undergraduate degree. My family accompanied me however we had to part ways at the airport. It was…

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