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Ktaifi Karides – Turkish Prawns with Red Bell Pepper Dip

ktaifi karides prawns ktaifi phyllo

Ktaifi Karides (garides kataifi in Greek)  is a Turkish prawn recipe where plump prawns are wrapped in ktaifi pastry and baked. It is often served with Muhammara, a roasted bell pepper and walnut dip. This is a beautiful appetiser that is going to leave your guests wanting more. Serve it on a platter or on individual spoons. Ktaifi Karides is a real crowd pleaser!  I had the opportunity to write…

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Prawn Malai Curry


Bangladeshis are known for their seafood recipes, and Prawn (Chingri in Bengali) Malai Curry is an iconic prawn recipe that is unique in its flavours. Using coconut cream and a mix of spices, prawns are elevated to another level! Best served with rice, this dish will introduce you to the subtlety of Bangladeshi cuisine.  I don’t know if I’ve said this already but my mother is an incredible cook. Now…

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Peru Ceviche

Today, I have for you a South American delicacy that originates in Peru – Ceviche! Fish is marinated in citrus and served with a few other ingredients that takes very little time to prepare. Don’t be put off by thinking the fish is raw, you won’t believe how well the fish ‘cooks’ in citrus juices in such little time! This recipe is adaptable to any semi-firm white fish and will…

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