Submit Recipe Story

The world’s food and cuisines have a lot of stories to tell. I can’t always provide authentic recipes since I haven’t tried many of these unique cuisines. This is where I want the world’s diverse people to come in.

Is there a family favourite passed down over generations? Are you a food blogger who was inspired by a certain dish from your childhood or background? Does your grandpa make the best “insert unique regional dish here”? Were your parents immigrants and they often cooked a dish that reminded them of home? Do you have help whose authentic dishes you’d like celebrated? Or perhaps you have a restaurant or bakery with rich history/inspiration and you’d be willing to share a family favourite. 

I want to share these recipes with stories with the world because nothing brings people together as much as food does.

I would love to see your recipe and a background to this recipe (family or ethnic significance, brief story of the person whose recipe you’re sharing, any heartwarming story attached to the dish).

If it fits our blog, I will get back to you to proceed with recreating the recipe in my kitchen, photographing it, writing your story, crediting you and also making a video that the whole world can learn from and enjoy!

Look forward to all your unique recipes! 

Note: I am looking for authentic world recipes with a story. They can be regional variations of a dish. Every family has their own take on a regional favourite. 

If the recipe includes hard to source ingredients I will offer close substitutes in the recreated recipe.

If the recipe calls for alcohol, I will recreate with non-alcoholic substitutes. No pork dishes please. 

If you are a blogger, you will get up to 3 link backs to your blog (to other regional recipes). 

You may submit photos of the person whose recipe you’re sharing – this may be submitted once we’ve agreed to include the recipe.